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Friday, March 25, 2005


Matt is forcing me to do this. Not necessarily in a violent way, although that would be more believable; problem is that we're liberals, so we have no means to firearms. So let's just say he is holding me at bay with a stick. It has a very sharp, pointed end and I fret about the splinters it could offer.

Okay, that said, Matt is participating in one of those lovely Gratis Network schemes and is desperate to earn himself an iPod shuffle. Before you stop reading and you yourself say, "Ugh," know this:

I earned myself an iPod several months back by using this little scheme. I should point out that Matt was one of several friends who refused to participate in my attempt at it, however, he is now giving me an espresso maker, so I suppose I should better hide my memory of his wrongdoings. Besides, Matt is currently without an mp3 player at all -- his last one died -- and we all know that in terms of pure human survival in 2005, mp3 player ranks roughly between food and shelter.

So, from here on out, I will let Matt do the typing. Before I do that I will address the common concerns -- Yes, it really does work. Yes, it is annoying as shit. No, I have not been buried in spam, but I would suggest use of a spam-only email address, just in case. Copied below is a message of pure, evil solicitation from Matt, originally meant for the members of our soccer team:

Also, get your free iPod Shuffle here:
(answer "no" to all the initial survey questions, then complete one advertisement offer, it sounds shady but it's real, ask Dave who already got


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