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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Only in Vegas

Those of you that know me well enough are probably aware that I am a Craigslist junkie. I am on it nearly everyday and in the months leading up to the Salt Lake site launch would constantly bother the Craigslist admin people in hopes of getting it here sooner.

Anyway, I hadn't visited the site in several days and was doing some catching up this morning. I have found my second-favorite-ever CL posting and urge you to check it out, have a laugh and give this guy some business, damn it! Warning: adult content.

In the posting, the poor man writes: "please help save my marriage. my wife has demanded larger breast, or she will leave me." To pay for this boob job, which, apparently is only required for one breast, he has offered his web design services at a measly $900 (yikes) or is open to a private 45-day loan. In either case, he promises a photo of his wife's new chest as further collateral.

There is a before shot in the listing and judging by the fake yellow fingernails and the strange situation this man is in, she must be a real lovely woman. The kind I'd like to marry and bring home to Ma, no doubt.

Believe it or not, this couple is from Vegas.


Blogger Will said...

Maybe she should invest the funds in finishing school or at least a good manicure.

12:00 PM

Blogger Sara Z. said...

I love Craig's List. Love it! I was first introduced in 1997 when working as a personal assistant to a very unusual elderly bachelor named Bob Little. Not quite Mr. Pitt, but in that ouvre. He thought he lived in a Billy Wilder movie. He was always meeting women on the internet and trying to sell personal items he no longer needed. Part of my job was to write CL postings.

10:54 AM


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