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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Poor Man's Podcast

Ok, let's give this a go.

I'm flirting with some legalities here, so please play nice with this. Also, because of those legalities, I'm not going to hand you a playlist (although you could pretty easily find it on the KRCL website). All that crap aside, here is my virgin attempt at an MP3 recording of my show, Friday Breakfast Jam. To get all the hipsters interested, I'll toss in the word "podcast," although that would be a misnomer: there's no actual subscription feed, but maybe -- just maybe -- if you behave, we'll set one of those suckers up. Or at least post some other shows.

I haven't even listened to this sucker myself, so hopefully it isn't 1:19 worth of poop. It's only one disc's worth instead of two (my program is three hours) because it's a community radio station, which means that we have wack-ass equipment. Like a CD burner that sometimes burns (Disc 1) and sometimes offers cryptic messages like "Check Disc" (Disc 2).

PC Load Letter! What the hell does that mean?

Update, 7.23: Eh, to heck with it. Playlist for yesterday's show is available here.

UPDATE, 7.29.2005: This download has been removed to make room for more recent MP3s. If you absolutely need a copy of this show, contact DMo.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was just clicking thru Blogs and found your Blog interesting...

Keep up the good work!

Blog on!


Blog: www.getpoor.com

1:59 AM

Blogger J said...

oh hell yeah.... DMOcasting. I am all over this hooch.

7:21 AM

Blogger Dave Amirault said...

DMO , if you need help settin up the podcast feed let me know.

2:02 PM


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