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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

I'm afraid of Americans

Wednesday already? Dang.

Catching up from a pretty fabulous weekend and a busy start to the workweek. This weekend included some birthday festivities and more importantly, a visit from a favorite New Yorker. She got to see the mellowness that is my life here, along with the oddities that come along with my current living situation.

For instance, remember when I posted the photos of some of the tie-dye housemate’s work where he uses our backyard as a drying operation? Well, that wasn’t a one-time thing. In fact, it’s a frequent happening. J caught sight of it Friday afternoon and seemed to enjoy it.

However, nothing could prepare us for Saturday. I swear, I wish I had pictures to prove it.

It seems that the housemate — who I feel the need to point out, is, in fact, a good person, he just lives on a different planet than I do — purchased a retail-style, open-air tent. He then went ahead and set it up in the front yard and hung various samples from it. We live on a fairly busy street, so he thought he could drum up some business, apparently. Along with the tent and his product, he moved a table and supplies so he could continue to make his art — a model of efficiency! — a small bongo and several beer cans. Love it.

He mentioned something about how he should have probably talked to my other housemate and I before having a “yard sale.” Slightly baffled, completely amused and knowing that J was hurting keeping her laughter in while being introduced to him, I did my best to get in and out of the house and back into my car as quickly as possible.

A yard sale?

On Sunday, we had another fun neighborhood experience. Returning from the grocery store, tired from a great weekend, wearing my cranky pants because my guest was leaving soon, we spotted my neighbor and her son waving a hand-colored posterboard sign: HONK IF YOU LOVE AMERICA!

Seriously, I may need to move.


Blogger slcup said...

Were the mother and son drunk or campaigning for something? Those are the only suitable situations for a "honk and wave".

4:45 PM


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