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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Music for a not-so-better tomorrow.

There’s really no need to comment on the elections; so many others out there more politically savvy than I, or at least with bigger mouths (or keyboards, as it were), already have. I do have to say though, while not surprised with either the presidential or local Utah elections, I was certainly taken aback by the Republican party extending its majority in both the Senate and House. That’s all that I will say… However, if I were to make a mix-tape today, this is what would be on it:

** The Post-Election EP **

St. Ides Heaven, Elliot Smith, self-titled, Kill Rock Stars 1995
Carry me home, Polly Paulusma, Scissors in my pocket, o. l. i. 2004
These Days, Nico, Chelsea girl, Polygram 1967
Everest, Ani DiFranco, Up up up up up up, Righteous Babe 1999
Something Vague, Bright Eyes, Fevers & Mirrors, Saddle Creek 2000
Blizzard, Say hi to your mom, Discosadness, Euphobia 2002
Paper snowflakes; Son, Ambulance; Key; Saddle Creek 2004
We have a map of the piano, Mum, Finally we are no one, Fat Cat 2002


Blogger Sara Z. said...

My mix would include Idea #21 (Not Too Late), from Over the Rhine's OHIO.

12:43 PM


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