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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Back in black

Well, actually, I'm wearing navy blue.

So I suppose it’s about time to update ye ole blog. I am back safe and sound in the City of Salt Lake after a very busy, very fun visit to the Northeast. To steal a holiday angle from the story of a girl, how about a list to recap?

9+ hours: approximate time spent on a Delta aeroplane, between SLC and Boston

8.5+ hours: approximate time spent on a Greyhound bus, between NYC and Boston

5: minimum number of family Christmas parties/gatherings I attended while home

2: trips to Dunkin Donuts, a surprisingly low number thanks to two (2) bad cups of coffee

1: number of hot water heaters at my parents' house that not only broke, but caught on fire, forcing the pressure valve to give and allowing it to put itself out (luckily, this happened while I was visiting friends)

4: estimated number of photos I took with my new digital camera (courtesy of my dad and step-mom); I am just not used to taking photos

0: exact number of photos taken in New York, despite having brought said camera

1.1 hours: exact amount of time worked while away (was planning on working about 8)

2: number of handmade gifts I received; an intricately-made scarf from my moms and a cool felt snowman napkin holder from the little bro

2 out of 2: number of days in New York that I made it to a bar by 4pm

3: number of times that my soon-to-be eight-year-old brother beat me in NFL Street for PlayStation II (I should note that he consistently ran the same play on offense)

0: number of times I beat him

1: number of times my sister’s ball joint and axle rod snapped, forcing her wheel to come off while driving

6: number of times I have listened to the Josh Rouse Rarities CD (part of The Smooth Sounds of Josh Rouse DVD package) since receiving it from my Uncle Joe

1: number of diamond engagement rings shown to me by Andrew a few days before he proposed to his girlfriend

4+: approximate number of phone calls it took Shawn, Andrew and I to make sure that our friend who was visiting Sri Lanka is okay (she is, but we still don’t have the exact story)


Blogger Sara Z. said...

Yeah! Exploding water heaters and thrown axel rods! Eight hours on a bus! Woo! Glad your friend is all right. I, too, have trouble remembering to take pictures. It runs in my family (there exist exactly 6 pictures from my childhood).

We now expect lots of cheesecakey photos of you posted here.

3:27 PM


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