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Monday, November 22, 2004


Within a few blocks of my apartment, there are several dry cleaners to choose from. I like dry cleaners, not that I frequent any of them, as that would entail owning expensive clothing, being organized, etc. Nonetheless, they tend to be independently-owned small business, many of them having been part of this neighborhood for a long time, and I appreciate them soley for their existence.

I pass one of the larger dry cleaning shops on my walk home from the library (read: dork HQ) nearly every day. Unlike most of the others, it offers delivery and drive-through service. Drive-through dry cleaning service is pretty much the epitome of laziness in a town that is already saddled with it. Perhaps some who use this service would argue that it saves time. My retort: Very few people of SLC, if any, are that goddamned important that they cannot stop their car from idling and walk inside to drop off a sweater. Sometimes the general pretense of some Salt Lakers entices me to mention to them that they are not walking the streets of the Mission District; this isn't Los Feliz; we're not taking coffee in the Village or any of a number of other places. I digress...

The thing about this particular cleaners and my walking by it every day, is that I swear to you, just before I am about to cross its driveway, some Mercedes or Volvo or giant SUV being driven by someone (generally) no more than a couple of years older than me, with a coffee in one hand, the wheel in the other and a phone squeezed between ear and shoulder, makes a sharp right-hand turn, cutting me (the pedestrian) off and B-lining to the drive-through, generally without a look in my direction. Today, it was a BMW X5; my guess is that the driver was 27.

Man, two angry posts? Hmm, not sure what that's all about; I had a great weekend (skied three days in a row, saw some good movies, started an exciting book, etc.). Well, tonight, I head to see Wilco, probably my favorite band at this point, with my friend Kat, so things should improve as the 7:00 hour grows closer.


Blogger slcup said...

I think I know which dry cleaner you're referencing, and I've nearly been hit there as I walk to and from the Greek Souvlaki. Stupid punks. Now that I think about it, there are two drive-up dry cleaners on my way to the GS and I've nearly been hit at the other as well. Rude!

4:24 PM

Blogger Sara Z. said...

See now, this is what I'm talking about. Or at least, I've meant to talk about it. What is it with people in Salt Lake and their cars? Why do people circle a block 18 times so that they can park 3 feet closer to wherever it is they're trying to get? What's with the drive-through coffee shops? Why do people get so upset over parking tickets when they knowingly violate the rules? ("I was only in the handicapped zone for 10 minutes! Damn parking Nazis!") I've not noticed an unusual number of footless or legless people in this state. Is it just Utah or is it like this everywhere that is not a thriving metropolis? As a native San Franciscan, I'm still in the habit of grabbing the first parking place I see. If I'm 3 or 4 blocks from my final destination, I still think, "Wow! What a great parking place!" Anyway. Have fun at Wilco, and may you not have to park more than ten yards from Kingsbury Hall.

6:29 PM

Blogger DMo said...

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7:09 PM

Blogger DMo said...

Yes, folks here are anti-walking, and I just don't understand why. Granted, I spent my college years in Boston, "America's walking city," but still, people here would rather somersault to a destination than hoof it. Last night, for instance, a couple of friends met me at my apartment to catch a movie at the Broadway Theater, which is DANG close to my home. We left my building; they headed for the SUV that they had arrived in and I refused to get in the car and made them walk. They bitched the entire (short) walk to and fro. Mind you, these are two guys that are far more active than I; I climbed with them throughout the summer, had spent the day on the snow with them earlier and yet the thought of putting one foot in front of the other for a couple of blocks was just too much to compute.

7:12 PM

Blogger slcup said...

Even I, a "lazy" person, have no problem walking during the day. I walk down to the library (dork HQ) on, I walk to 5th and E for my Saturday bagels, etc. Living downtown is great - so many things I use every day are close and within walking distance. However, walking alone at night, even in family friendly downtown SLC, gives me pause.

7:28 PM

Blogger slcup said...

Yeah, I'm stupid. I mean South Temple and E. Math is hard.

10:21 AM


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