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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Another rambling music post

First off, a big thanks to my co-worker who has assisted me in two ways, one illegal, the other just as cool. He's provided me with a copy of the yet-to-be-released (and hardly announced) Sufjan Stevens record. I'm very excited to spend the next couple of days with this sucker. Sufjan’ll be round SLC towards the end of July. For those keeping score, this third full-length CD (Rough Trade, this time around) will get back to the promise of a theme-record for each of the 50 states. This one: Sufjan's new home, Illinois and his band has aptly changed its name to the Illinoisemakers. H-O-T.


The other favor that said co-worker provided me with was an invite to a snooty, members-only indie rock site, the likes of which features the occasional album leak, i.e. the new Sufjan record, along with plenty of other great content.

In other news, I’ve been busy writing to a handful of smaller labels; hopefully some interesting stuff makes its way to Salt Lake and KRCL.

Tonight mark’s Caribou’s (samples available here) passage through the City of Salt on their long tour. I've heard/read from various sources in other cities that it is a show not to be missed; sadly, funds and laziness may keep me from it all together. The live/electronic show goes down at Ego’s and also features The Junior Boys (who have a re-mix on the latest Verve re-vitalization of vocal jazz classics Verve: Remixed 3) and one-man-ensemble The Russian Futurists. (Do yourself a favor and search for the Futurists’ cut “Paul Simon” off of Our Thickness.)

Caribou, live tonight in SLC @ Ego's.

The Sun comes out in a few more weeks. June 7th to be exact. Not sure how sold I am on these guys yet, but nonetheless Ohio’s The Sun releases its first full-length album, Blame it on the Youth. It’s definitely poppy-fun -- particularly the single “Must be you,” which I am very tempted to include on the FBJ this Friday morning. Plus you have to love the line “Pathetic little hipsters gonna get punched in the face,” featured in “Waiting on high.”

You decide. Much of the album is available to stream at thesunwebsite.com, or simply click the fancy-pants banner.


Blogger What'sHerFace said...

I love the Sun. In a wonderfully complicated statement: my best friend's friend's baby's father and boyfriend is the old friend and former bandmate of the Sun's guitarist.

Eat that, Kevin Bacon.

Anyway, I heard their stuff from the guy who knows the band about a year ago and loved it. My very favorites are songs that aren't on the full-length album ("Sandy" is one of my all-time favorite songs, ever and once a cop made fun of me when I was dancing to it on the street because it was only on my headphones. Douche.) but they're a great, great band live.

Their lead singer is a tiny, fragile dork and rocked out so hard when I saw them his glasses flew right off his face and he had to go find them when the song was over.

Also, their bass player's a looker, but that's neither here nor there.

11:02 AM

Blogger DMo said...

It only took me three reads of your comment to figure out your relationship to the band, Kathy. Hell, you're practically the unsung hero of the Sun.

As for the "douche" cop, if dancing in the street is wrong, I don't want to be right.

11:40 AM

Blogger What'sHerFace said...

I really just could've said "this guy I know used to be in a band with the dude from the Sun," but tell me, where's the fun in that?

2:04 PM


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