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Tuesday, May 17, 2005


Sometimes, everyone needs a big ‘ole helping of Central Utah. Alfalfa fields and sage brush and mountains -- Oh my! Plus, the added bonus of the strange turkey farms. And the sheep. So many sheep.

Oh, and then there’s Maple Canyon.

Maple is an oddity. A desert gem, if you will. It can be vividly green, thanks to its namesake, and is constructed of some of the strangest rock around. It’s a conglomerate, essentially a cobblestone. Think the old streets of Boston, except in vertical wall form. Now get on that sucker and climb it. Maybe this photo will offer you a better perspective:

J offering up his monkey face on Redemption of Madonna.

Maple Canyon is one of those rare places that truly makes me happy. I’m content just being there. Sure, it’s home to some of the best climbing in Utah and is nationally-renowned, but that’s not it for me. I’ll float my boat by simply hanging out on the easy climbs, napping in the shattered sun below a maple and drinking warm beer at the close of the day.

me on Big Kahuna

This weekend was a bit different. Instead of camping in Maple Canyon, we moved on to J’s cabin, except “cabin” may not be the right word choice here. It’s what he likes to call it. “Dream home” may be a better fit. This place is vast. It sits atop a canyon, looking over the mixed forest and brush, and is complete with solarium, full kitchen, indoor plumbing (with hot water), pool table (I’m not lying), outdoor grill, outdoor fire pit, indoor fire stove, and his mom’s extra loom. Honestly, if it had electricity, I might squat there and learn to weave, although my Scion was not the No. One fan of the steep dirt/gravel road up to the cabin.

Haro chasing the Cattle

This last photo is taken at the base of the canyon where the cabin sits (which is about 40 minutes from Maple Canyon). This is Rob, doing what he does best: being unpredictable. While we were stopped waiting for the last vehicle to catch up, he decided it would be a great time to scare the hell out of some cattle, yelling “STAMPEDE!” and chasing after them. Luckily, there was no run-in with a cattleman and a 12-gauge. I love this photo though, because not only is it strange thanks to Rob, but it also highlights the odd beauty of Utah -- especially this area of it -- with the snowy mountain rising from the dry sage.

More photos available here, if you’re so inclined.


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