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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Should I be concerned about how moving cubes has left me feeling so gleeful, especially given that this week was off to such a poor start?

Honestly, a month ago, when working from home, pants were optional. So, it just seems like a bit of a dramatic switch to get excited about the new cube. Nonetheless, it’s pretty hot. Here are the specs:

- I am among (most of) the other creative team (So long, Media Planners!)
- It's bigger and shaped for a better use of space
- It is a billion times more private
- I got a big, rocky chair instead of the last one, which looked like it had literally been chewed by its previous owner

And… drum roll please (Can I get a goddamned Timpani roll from you goddamned people?):

I no longer have to listen to my female co-workers use the restroom!


Blogger Sara Z. said...

If my work bathroom was anywhere near human ears, I'd have to just hold it all day. I am physiologically incapable of peeing within earshot of anyone. Anything else that happens in the bathroom is completely out of the question.

10:57 AM

Blogger slcup said...

Lucky bastard. I sit across from the unisex RR and sometimes I have to leave because they're so noisy.

9:44 AM


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