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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Translation, "The game is up, Ferris."

Thanks to Kathleen who sent over this fine link. Are you familiar? Am I living in a shack? Either way, while I have not had much time to blog over the past couple of days, I have done my damnedest to let Gizoogle translate several of my favorite sites. Try it on for size; I think you'll like it.

The sample that she sent: a Gizoogle translation of Finding DMo available here.

A screen shot from the fine tranzilatin' folks at Gizoogle.


Blogger Sara Z. said...

oh my god. that is effing hilarious.

11:07 AM

Blogger Sara Z. said...

Okay, it is now 13 hours later and I'm still laughing. Must be the heat.

12:14 AM


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