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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

If only Allen had paid attention.

Last night, I had a fun lil IM conversation with J. Somehow, we started discussing childhood television favorites. I was appalled to learn that while living in Alaska, she was disconnected from the hijinks of Punky Brewster.

Man, I learned so much from that show.

Like to pay attention in class -- and ultimately, life. Otherwise, your friend could die a miserable death, most likely locked in a deserted refrigerator, gasping for air, screaming frantically, only to produce no audible sounds outside of the fridge. And it would all be on your hands. All your fault.

Joking around about that CPR dummy doesn't seem so funny now, does it, Allen?

If you had only paid attention in CPR class, Allen! Cherrie almost died! Almost died!

Nope. But this! This still seems damned funny.

Thanks, Punky. Another lesson learned. I'll sit in the front of the class with my eyes open from now on. And God help me, if I have to make out with a creepy male CPR dummy, I'll keep my smart-ass jokes to myself, unlike that blonde bastard.

My surrogate family.


Blogger What'sHerFace said...

God, that's the only episode of Punky Brewster that I remember. Probably because it scared the shit out of me (and apparently an entire generation).

2:05 PM

Blogger Dave Amirault said...


8:30 AM


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