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Thursday, February 03, 2005

My electronic fairy godmother

I'm fresh from the library where I just met my electronic fairy godmother. Or perhaps godperson.

So, there I was, rocking out to a little J. Rouse on the iPod, reading and typing away on my new geek toy, when this dude approaches the two-sided-communal-desk-apparatus with a giant keyboard. Immediately, of course, I am both distracted and amused. Seriously, who brings a keyboard (and we're not talking Casio here) to the library?

When he finally had his whole "studio" set up -- Rio mp3 player, notebook computer, various flash/jump memory devices, mouse, HP pocket PC (PDA), Nokia gaming cell phone, professional headphones and said keyboard -- I couldn't refrain from making a joke. We shared a laugh.

Next he commented on my geek toy, which of course, compared to his geek empire, seemed trivial.
"How do you like your Dell Axim?"
"I like it a lot; just got it pretty recently," I replied.
He went on to discuss how it was much better than a Palm-based operating system, etc., and went further into the conversation than I was both willing and prepared to go. It reminded me very much of speaking with Ozzy, my tech-savvy nerd friend who pushed me to purchase the device in the first place.

At this point, he asks me if I want a Sim card. Now, in my experience, people don't just give away memory cards. Perhaps it's the East Coast in me, but I was waiting for the catch -- the return favor, be it fiscal, sexual, other.

To my wonderful surprise, he didn't want one. "I have like eight or nine of them and I don't really use them anymore. Here, you can have this one."

S-W-E-E-T! Sometimes, people are just cool.

Note to Ozzy: If you are missing a long-lost tech-geek cousin who happens to be African American, musically-inclined and about twenty years in age -- I've found him. He lives in Salt Lake City and is currently at the City Library.


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Wow, I'm just blowing up on FindingDMO this week.

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