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Monday, July 10, 2006

"David was a very serious child."

Standing by the food table, organizing bread products at my sister's college graduation party over the weekend. Mrs. E., my pre-school teacher approaches.

That's right, my pre-school teacher. You didn't hang out with yours over the weekend?

Ah, pre-school nap time... where I learned some of my best moves for the ladies.

Mrs. E. was old 22 years ago when I was her pupil. Imagine the conversation between she, my girlfriend and I. Go ahead, take a stab. You wouldn't be far off.

To this day, I remain close with some of my best pre-school friends.

For instance… Mrs. E. was happy to learn that I make my living by stringing together words and phrases; disappointed to discover that I don't remember the lyrics to Frera Jaqua in French, Spanish, German, Italian, or Mandarin.


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that first image looks like a refugee camp.

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