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Thursday, June 29, 2006

UPDATED: Bad month

Last year, 21 cyclists died in New York City.

This June, there's been three deaths, plus several terrible accidents. All of the accidents are the result of extremely difficult cycling conditions. Further, some are placing the blame of two of the deaths on city and city employee negligence.

Yesterday morning, Transportation Alternatives had a rally and press conference on the steps of City Hall to discuss the tragedies and call on Mayor Bloomberg to update and complete the city's Master Bicycle Plan.

On the steps of City Hall.

Houston Street, where 23 year-old Derek Lake was killed, is nicknamed "Boulevard of Death" by bikers.

The view from the steps.

Paul White, of Transportation Alternatives, addresses the crowd and media.

Other photos available here.

A Memorial Ride for the three fallen cyclists was hosted last night by Times Up!.

We met at the Intrepid on a rainy evening to honor the fallen cyclists.

The crowd for the Memorial Ride.

Visual Resistance installs a ghost bike at the scene of each accident to remember those who have fallen and create visibility among drivers, cyclists and pedestrians.

Stopping at the site of Dr. Nacht's accident. He was struck while riding on the West Side Greenway by a crossing NYPD tow truck who didn't have the right of way and neglected to yield to Dr. Nacht.

Remembering Derek Lake. His accident occurred at LaGuardia Place and Houston. Many place blame on the DOT, because Lake lost control of his bike after riding over a metal construction plate on the street that was not legal. He then fell into the path of a large truck.

The ghost bike.

Michael, from Bike Blog, has a great set of photos on Flickr.


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