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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

NYC 2, my bike 0

With a big weekend of riding planned, I opted to take a few days off from the bike and re-join the ranks of the underground commuters.

Before doing so though, I swung by the bike shop to have 'em give it the once over for the weekend.

"Dude, your back rim's bent to hell."

That makes two rims--front and back--that the City has beaten up on.

This weekend's plans:


The Brooklyn Greenway Initiative presents The Future Brooklyn Waterfront Greenway Tour. It's an easy 10-miler through the proposed Greenway.

Finally, the Five Boro Bike Tour! It's 42 traffic-free miles across five bridges and each of the NYC boros. The highlight: crossing the majestic Verrazano Bridge--the one day of the year that cyclists have access to it!

See you at both? PLUS, to cap off this bike post, it's Bike Month.


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