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Friday, July 07, 2006

They like me, they really, really like me

For whatever reason, I am a headhunter's wet dream. Lately, I've been contacted by a new one about once every one-two weeks. I'm easy going. I let them put me in for whatever position they're trying to earn a commission on. I pull together the writing samples that they want. I put down extensive explanations of just what it is I do or have done. Still, I rarely get an interview through them and have yet to get a job offer.

Again, these are all recruiters that contact me, and not the other way around, so I suppose it's to be expected.

I got a pretty fantastic recruiter email yesterday. It was all reading pretty well until the third paragraph when I stumbled across this gem: "My client is an incredible ad agency in Park City, UT..."

But, I just moved from there less than a year ago. D'oh.


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