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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Today's Podcast: one half of a craptacular Thursday Breakfast Jam

Page France perform live tonight at Kilby Court.

Bit of a rugged broadcast this morning. My apologies go out to you, especially if you tried to bare with it and listen anyway.

What was wrong? Good question, and I don't know the exact answer. I'm no sound engineer, after all. Luckily, we do have a very good sound engineer and he was able to correct the problem, so it shouldn't be something you have to deal with again.

To make things even more fun, after 79 minutes of recording, the CD recorder opted to spit out the first disc blank. So, we've only got the second half of the program available for download.

Still, it was a fun program with some good music. Playlist available here.

Thanks and get your wallets ready… Radiothon's only a couple week's out.

3.29.2007 Thursday Breakfast Jam

Visit the show online at myspace.com/breakfastjam.

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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Podcast: 3.22.2007 Thursday Breakfast Jam

Laura Gibson

This morning's show.

I'd have to say that my favorite part, which came after the second disc was full (and you wouldn't be able to see it anyway, since these are MP3s, not video files), was when the DJ following me shook her head at my antics of putting the studio speakers to full tilt and rocking out to Dinosaur Jr.

She shakes her head a lot.

Playlist for the show is here. Don't forget to visit the show online at myspace.com/breakfastjam. It's also worth mentioning that Laura Gibson and the Band of Annuals will be performing live tomorrow night at Slow Train Music (221 E. Broadway, SLC) tomorrow at 8pm. Be there or be square.

3.22.2007 Thursday Breakfast Jam Disc 01
3.22.2007 Thursday Breakfast Jam Disc 02

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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

How are your phone skills?

If you’re a regular KRCL listener, then you probably already know that Radiothon is right around the corner. In fact, we’re already accepting wed pledges for Prethon.

Anyway, I’m in need of a few people that would be willing to come down and answer some phones during my Radiothon show, April 12 from 6 to 9 AM. You probably have questions, so here’s a conversation that you and I might have on this subject. You're in bold:

Wait a minute! Wait just a GD minute! 6 to 9 AM? That’s early! And three hours!

You’re correct. It is early, but you wouldn’t have to be there right at 6:00—although that would be especially lovely—and you certainly don’t have to be there for all three hours. If you drive to work, perhaps you could just plan on waking up a bit early and answering phones for 30 minutes or so.

Well, what exactly would I have to do?

It’s pretty simple, really. Hopefully, people will be calling to pledge their support to the Thursday Breakfast Jam. While hugs and kisses and love are all nice, this is America, so we’re hoping listener support will come through in the form of monetary pledges. When a listener calls, you answer the phone cordially and walk him or her through a pledge form, writing all pertinent information legibly. Each phone call generally lasts somewhere between 30 seconds and two minutes.

What’s in it for me?

You selfish bastard. No, seriously, I understand. It’s asking a lot to get you out of bed. Well, you’ll get to hang out at a real life radio station, which is pretty rad in and of itself; meet some interesting people (read: weirdos); enjoy a free, unhealthy breakfast; and lastly, not feel guilty about providing no financial support to the station, although I will undoubtedly ask for your pledge, too.

It’s fun and hectic and silly. Will you help? If so, please let me know when you plan to be at the station (located at 1971 West North Temple) and for how long. Thanks so much.

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Podcasts: two editions of Thursday Breakfast JamPodcasts: two editions of Thursday Breakfast Jam

A little late, but what can you do? It’s been crazy times at work and the weather’s been so lovely here in Salt Lake that when I’m not working, I don’t want to be near a computadora. There’s my excuse.

3.08.2007 Thursday Breakfast Jam Disc 01
3.08.2007 Thursday Breakfast Jam Disc 02

3.15.2007 Thursday Breakfast Jam Disc 01
3.15.2007 Thursday Breakfast Jam Disc 02

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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Funniest cycling moment ever

On Monday night, I went to a one-night cooking class that Jess had bought me. This being Utah and the location technically being in the suburbs (South Salt Lake, I’d guess), I wasn’t too surprised to find that the class was mostly full of women. Middle-aged, house-wife-looking, made-up, big nails and hair, really white teeth, kind of women.

It was a fun class. I learned a lot and the chef (Gretchen O’Connor) packed a lot of different recipes into a few hours.

Having ridden in on my bike that day, I grabbed my bag at the end of class (about 8:45PM), tossed it over my shoulder and picked up my helmet. One of the women turns and gives me a dumbfounded once-over.

“You rode your bike here?”

Here we go, I think. I’m not much of a preacher when it comes to bike commuting. However, if someone asks me about, I do my best to answer all of their questions and add a little sell: “You should try it,” etc.

I finally respond that yes, I did in fact ride my bike here (hence the helmet, gloves and rolled-up pant legs), and that I try to commute by bike to work as often as I can.

“But isn’t it dangerous? I mean, it’s so dark out.”

I tell her that I use lights—three, in fact—a blinking white light in the front and two blinking red lights in the rear. Further, I choose my routes a bit more carefully at night and try to ride on quiet streets with less traffic.

This would generally be the part of the conversation where I expect to hear questions like “Yeah, but why ride a bike when you could drive?” and start to plan my polite counterattack. The ‘sell,’ if you will.

That didn’t happen this time around.

“I don’t know. It still seems so dangerous,” she said. “Why don’t you let me give you a ride home? I’ve got a really big SUV and it’s just me in it.”

In my head I’m thinking, That’s the point, lady. But she was so damned sweet, albeit ignorant, all I had the heart to say was, “No, thank you. I don’t live far.”

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2007 Best of Utah, vote now

If you're a Utah resident, be sure to plug your favorite bar/restaurant/radio station (wink, wink).

It only takes a few moments to cast your vote in the City Weekly's 2007 Best of Utah.

Visit www.slweekly.com, then click on the banner at the top of the page.

Voting ends 3.14.

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Monday, March 05, 2007

Sometimes, one MySpace profile just isn't enough

As mentioned in a previous post, it's an interesting time for KRCL. Bottom line, we're looking to increase listenership. I figured being a little proactive and tapping into the social networking wouldn't hurt. So, Thursday Breakfast Jam now has its own MySpace profile.

Check it out, listen to the promos, and by all means, be its friend. Then, feel free to let the rest of your MySpace crew know. "Listen, dammit."

Also, if anyone can help me figure out how the hell to get the comments moved up and right, let me know.

-The Management

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Friday, March 02, 2007

(Better late than never) Podcast: 3.1.2007 Thursday Breakfast Jam

A little late, but here you are.

Yesterday’s show featured the likes of Jacob Borshard, Clare Burson, new Dolorean, new Andrew Bird, new Richard Swift, and more.

Full playlist available here.

3.1.2007 Thursday Breakfast Jam disc 01
3.1.2007 Thursday Breakfast Jam disc 02