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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Podcast: 7.26 Thursday Breakfast Jam + live mp3s from The Mollies

Well, I’ve only got one disc for y’all this morning. For some reason, the CD burner opted to record 79 minutes on the first disc AND THEN report a “disc error.” Brilliant. So, the second half of the show will have to suffice.

To make it up to you though, I’m including some live mp3s from Salt Lake’s The Mollies. Last Thursday, I sat in for Dainon on his fine program, Red Eye, and The Mollies were kind enough to swing by last minute and play. I’ve got some photos, too; maybe I’ll post ‘em some day.

Big thanks to Dainon, too, who provided me with presents, just for sitting in on his show and screwing it up! I like presents.

Playlist from this morning available here. The recording starts with Loney Dear’s song “Saturday waits.”

Next week, Atherton is live in studio!

Thursday Breakfast Jam, 7.26.2007 disc 02, track 01
Thursday Breakfast Jam, 7.26.2007 disc 02, track 02

***The Mollies live on KRCL
Nay, speak no ill
Boyfriend in a coma

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Blogger Marc said...

Thank you for posting this. I heard this when it was first broadcast and have been trying to find out more about the Mollies... Then I stumbled upon your blog and all is now right with the world!


3:33 PM


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