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Thursday, May 10, 2007

New podcasts: Thursday Breakfast Jam, 5.3.2007 and 5.10.2007 editions

A little behind, but that's because work's been quite busy. I'm very important after all. Well, not really.

5.3.2007 is broken into four tracks instead of two. The CD burner was going a little crazy last week.

I'm having trouble converting disc two of today's show to mp3, so that may come later, if it comes at all.

Playlists here and here, respectively. And of course, you can visit the show online at MySpace.com/breakfastjam. Enjoy.

5.3.2007 track 01
5.3.2007 track 02
5.3.2007 track 03
5.3.2007 track 04

5.10.2007 disc 01
5.10.2007 disc 02 (To come. Maybe.)


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