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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Today's Podcast: one half of a craptacular Thursday Breakfast Jam

Page France perform live tonight at Kilby Court.

Bit of a rugged broadcast this morning. My apologies go out to you, especially if you tried to bare with it and listen anyway.

What was wrong? Good question, and I don't know the exact answer. I'm no sound engineer, after all. Luckily, we do have a very good sound engineer and he was able to correct the problem, so it shouldn't be something you have to deal with again.

To make things even more fun, after 79 minutes of recording, the CD recorder opted to spit out the first disc blank. So, we've only got the second half of the program available for download.

Still, it was a fun program with some good music. Playlist available here.

Thanks and get your wallets ready… Radiothon's only a couple week's out.

3.29.2007 Thursday Breakfast Jam

Visit the show online at myspace.com/breakfastjam.

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Blogger Sara Z. said...

You know, I noticed that problem a couple of weeks ago during your show. I thought it was my car radio. Then today I was listening in the house and it was still going on, even worse, which was cccrrrazy. Glad they got it fixed.

7:20 PM

Anonymous margene said...

It's worth listening to KRCL (and you) even when things are less than perfect. Wallet is ready;-)

10:51 AM

Blogger DMo said...

Aww, thanks.

11:46 AM


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