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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Podcast: 4.24.2008 Thursday Breakfast Jam


Thursday, May 1 is the last Thursday Breakfast Jam. After that, you can check me out in my new slot, Thursday evenings, 8 to 10:30.

Disc 01, track 01
Disc 01, track 02

Disc 02, track 01
Disc 02, track 02
Disc 02, track 03
Disc 02 track 04

Friday, April 18, 2008

Podcast: 4.18.2008 Friday Breakfast JamPodcast: 4.18.2008 Friday Breakfast Jam

I filled in for David P. and covered “The Segue to Soul Friday,” aka, the Friday Breakfast Jam. Had a lot of fun covering this show because I got to play a bit of R&B, soul, blues and vintage-rock stuff. Enjoy.

Disc 01
Disc 02

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Podcast: 4.17.2008 Thursday Breakfast Jam, with The Devil Whale

So, it’s been a while, other than that silly digital index post thingie.

Oh, well. Get over it. But I am going to try and post my last few Thursday Breakfast Jams because some folks have asked me to.

So here’s this morning’s edition, featuring a live performance from Brinton Jones of the Devil Whale.
Disc 01
Disc 02
Brinton Jones — Full interview
Brinton Jones — You were good
Brinton Jones — The road to hell

Playlist available here.

Also, it looks like I have some older podcasts available still here, and an August show here and here. These older shows will likely be removed next week.

Finally, I’ll be sticking around KRCL and moving my show to Thursday evenings, 8 to 10:30pm. I hope you’ll join me then.


Monday, April 14, 2008

DMo on the Interwebs

Here's an index of my digital life, for those on the look-out.

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