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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Podcast: Thursday Breakfast Jam, 12.14 edition

Hey all,

Here's a convenient, mp3/podcast/insert-other-fancy-digital-terminology-here version of this morning's Thursday Breakfast Jam on KRCL (90.9FM Salt Lake City, 107.3FM Park City).

This morning was the last edition of my four-week assignment to fill in for the show. Starting next week, there should be a permanent host for the show. No word on who that is yet... I applied, so it could be me, but there's some stiff DJing competition standing in my way.

This morning's show included limited release Page France, early Eric Hutchinson, Josh Rouse and Paz Suay, Chin Up Chin Up, Tegan and Sara, Bonnie "Prince" Billy with Pink Nasty, and more. Full playlist available here.

*** UPDATE, 1.4.2007

Downloads have been removed to make room for newer podcasts.


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