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Friday, December 01, 2006

"Isn't that blog-worthy?"

Ok. Where to begin?

So, it's been a while. There's been some changes.

Work sucked. A lot. Jess was burnt out on New York. I was approaching my threshold. So, we up and left. I'm back in Salt Lake. Landed a good job. Am buying a house. Yeah, I know. I've even been hanging out at KRCL again a bit, filling in for a morning show (below, you'll find mp3s from the latest show).

So, to respond to the Sara Zarrs, Oz Skiers, Sherbs, Four O'Clock Photos, and others in my life... here's your blog update.

*** UPDATE, 1.4.2007

Downloads have been removed to make room for newer podcasts.


Blogger Sara Z. said...

The funny thing would be if we'd all deleted you from our feeds long ago. Welcome back.

4:23 PM

Blogger slcup said...

You're still alive!

5:35 PM

Blogger young sherb said...

and ippolito thought you rode that bike off the bridge...nice to see you back.

7:53 PM


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