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Monday, February 06, 2006

WOXY in need of some help -- "The future of the future of the rock 'n roll is in your hands"

Do you WOXY?

WOXY certainly helps me get through many a work day. Like any radio station worth listening to these days (or, streaming internet station, as it were), WOXY is going listener-supported beginning today.

At $9.95 for the "true-broadband, CD-quality" stream, frankly, I think they're asking a bit much. After all, one could tune into XM or Sirius for just a couple bucks more a month. Still, WOXY has a special thing going, and I'd like to see that little studio stay afloat. It's a truly important resource.

Swing on over and read about what's bringing this change on. Not familiar with WOXY? Give 'em a listen before you pass judgement.

Note: The low stream will remain free. The broadband stream will remain free for one more week.

Read more at Donewaiting and the WOXY My Space blog.


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