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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Tonight: Josh Rouse at Joe's Pub

Heading to Joe's Pub tonight to see one of my very favorite musicians, Josh Rouse. I've never seen him play before (he had a bad habit of not passing through Salt Lake City in the couple of years that I was there), so I really can't express how excited I am. It's the second night of a two-night stint and while I would have enjoyed two nights chock-full of J Ro, I thought that seemed a little groupy-ish.

Word is, he'll be rocking the acoustic sans band and testing out new material for his forthcoming release, Subtitulos, a documentation of his new life as a Spaniard.

MusicSnobbery has a review of last night's show with some photos, but--as someone who doesn't make it through a week without a Josh Rouse record or three--it was difficult to get through it. Perhaps I'm just being a MusicSnob, but then again, it seems like Rich on the Josh Rouse forum agreed...

Hear some stuff at MySpace.com/JoshRouse.


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