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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The roommate cast of characters continues

At least this time, it's just a weekend housemate.

The dozens of (well, dozen, anyway) Finding DMo regulars will remember my roommate woes from Salt Lake. The situation grew to be so comical, that it really became less woeful, and more like something to look forward to. What will he do next?

Well, there's a new chapter in the DMo book of wacky people he's lived with.

This weekend, I met the girl who shares our floor in the Snobox. With Adam still out of town, I brought Jess to Vermont for the weekend. We rolled in fairly late to find our new housemate drunk. By herself. She proceeded to take us round and read various signage off the walls aloud to us. (Note: I'd already been to the house three or four times. Also note: I can read.)

Luckily, I had parked rather poorly and was able to flee the scene under the guise of digging my car from a snow bank, leaving Jess to fend for herself. Eventually, Jess came out to help with the car—or rather, to escape the wackiness.

"Dude. She showed me her collages."
"Oh no."


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