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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

All the stages of my life - revisited in a week's time

It seems that way anyway.

Tonight, it's dinner with an old roommate, Prashant, and our then-neighbor, Erin -- my comrades from Florida. (DMO trivia: When I was 19, I spent a summer in Florida working as a "custodial host" for Walt Disney World. Disney considered it an internship. My college did not.)

Tomorrow, dinner with my college ex-girlfriend, the second encounter with her since moving back East. The last one, in October, was comfortable and amusing enough, but represented our first face-to-face in two and a half years or so.

Next week, thanks to a Use-it-or-lose-it vacation policy, I'll be heading to Northern New Hampshire and Western Maine just before Christmas, visiting more ghosts of DMOs past.


Blogger young sherb said...

I don't like being called a ghost.

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