I'm a fighter, not a lover.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006


So, I admit I am very late to jump on this bandwagon. When it comes to all things TV, I generally am. My roommate can attest to that; as far as she knows, my viewing habits live and die with syndicated Seinfeld and baseball.

And then there's Arrested Development.

I'm not even in the current season. Jess and I are methodically catching up. It's hysterical. Maybe the funniest show ever.

Please, Showtime, pick up the show. Then, I would happily watch you without wondering why we pay extra for you. And maybe the show could even stop parodying itself.


Blogger markallard said...

I just bought the second season yesterday--it makes me happy. The mere fact that you call making love "Pop-Pop" tells me you're not ready.

10:01 PM


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