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Friday, June 03, 2005

Super Secret Spy Cam, part II

Today is a fantastic day for the Super Secret Spy Cam (SSSC). Why? Because I’ve caught you!

Although I only use the freeware version of a very basic statistic tracker, I am able to see a fair amount of information. If I paid a fee, I'd be able to see what specific keywords folks use to find the site, along with lots of other minute information. Sometimes though, and especially with sites like Google, Yahoo, Alltheweb, and others, I’m able to see the search terms anyway. This makes me happy.

While most searches are simply “Finding DMo,” there are also several music-related searches. In particular, several readers have made their way here looking for info on The Sun, or Sufjan Stevens or Say Hi To Your Mom. Occasionally the search terms are just freakish.

The relationship between blogs and search engines is very different than one of a commerce website and search engine. On the most basic level, it’s because of the excess amount of content on the average blog page; search engines enjoy wordy people such as myself, so they’re more apt to place my weblog higher in search listings for various keywords than they would be for my commercial site, simply because it has about a tenth of the copy on it. And because a search engine will often look at a whole page instead of simply a blog entry, it’s pretty easy to come up with some unusual word combinations, as you might imagine.

Two of those interesting word combinations brought people to this site.

“Baby Daddy smokes” and “roommate wet her pants” have brought readers here. The worst part: “roommate wet her pants” has brought at least two different people here. This week. Yikes.

You people are lucky I don’t ante up for the paid version of the SSSC; if I did, I could probably tell you your favorite color and when your last trip to the bathroom was. Or, the last time your roommate wet her pants, as it were.

Muhahahahaha. (Sinister laugh.)


Blogger Sara Z. said...

The most oft-used search query getting people to my sight is "girl get crazy." One of the least-used, but my favorite, is "stories girl feet."

6:25 PM


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