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Thursday, May 19, 2005


Yesterday evening, driving home from work, heading east, it was perfect. Windows down, 75 degrees, dry air, clear skies and a backdrop of green foothills reaching up to the snowy canyons, tucked behind a sprawling city. It’s rare to see the foothills so green -- I suppose a month of rain will do that -- but it’s wonderful. My favorite, in fact.

Last night was the kind of Salt Lake City that I want to introduce to my East Coast friends convinced that America ends somewhere around mid-point over the Tappan Zee Bridge, with the exception of course, of the distant island of California. Perfect. And while I hardly expect them to understand why I live here, I think that even they could appreciate yesterday afternoon, if for no other reason than the warm breeze and a haze-free view of the Wasatch.


Blogger Dave Amirault said...

Don't forget that fantastic southern atoll... Florida.

11:38 PM

Blogger Sara Z. said...

I saw you last night! At the intersection of 900 S & 1100 E, or something like it, me in the turquoise Ford Escort. Technically I had the right of way but got distracted by some semi-conscious part of my mind going, oh, I think that's DMo, so I let you through. Was the Scion gave you away. You neglected to mention here what probably accounts for no small part of your sense of well being while driving around on a warm spring evening: you have a brand new car. (I'm not bitter.)

9:53 AM


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