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Thursday, October 20, 2005

80 years late, but at least we get Lou Reed

(and Laurie Anderson and Nellie McKay and some film and more)

Canal Park dated back to the 17th Century under various names and public uses, at least until it was torn up "temporarily" in 1921 to make way for the Holland Tunnel construction. The deal was it would be restored within four years.

How about 84 instead?

Over the course of time, it was more or less forgotten about until local residents learned the history of the area and decided that restoring the park would be a better use for the space than parking for city trash trucks.

Tucked between Canal St. and the West Side Highway, this small battle of green space re-opens tomorrow night with a full-fledged celebration. In addition to other random pieces of entertainment, Lou Reed and his partner Laurie Anderson will be performing. Ditto for Nellie McKay. And it's all free.


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