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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Salt Lake visit + Destroyer

It's Tuesday, aka, new music day. Destroyer's latest, Rubies, hit stores this morn and I'm pretty excited to pick up a copy on my lunch break. If you haven't hopped on the interweb bandwagon for this record yet, you can stream it here. Then, chances are, you'll be waving a Destroyer flag yourself.

Also, in a pretty quickly planned trip, I'm heading back to Salt Lake for a visit and some real snow. I plan to spend one to two days here and one day here.

If you'll be around, let me know.

A Google Blogsearch for "Destroyer's Rubies" will show you much more detailed info on the record and even provide you with a few mp3s.

Also, Pitchfork reviewed it yesterday. Rubies made the best new music list.


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