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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Four O'Clock Photo: Emma's a shy one

10.13.2005: "There were horses, and a man on fire, AND I killed a guy with a trident!!!!"

Speaking of bulk email, there is one "subscription" that I look forward to receiving every day: Four O'Clock Photo.

It's a product of my friend Emily. She's a darned good offline designer for a very strange company in Salt Lake. She's pretty overworked, entirely overeducated, and (I assume) very much under-appreciated. Emily spends the better part of her day working with images--both her own and stock photos.

At some point in September, she decided to start a mailing, offering up an image that she came across or captured, along with some clever commentary. My email address was illegally acquired in mid-October and every weekday since then, like FedEx, Emily's delivered.

A couple weeks back, I created a blogger ID for her, not really expecting her to use it. To my surprise, she's got a photoblog in the works. Check out some of the images from the past month or so here.


Unfortunately, she doesn't add her captions to the blog, but I'm trying to convince her to do so. Apparently, Emma is concerned that her family and co-workers may learn of her crass nature by reading these things. Worse things have happened.

The captions add a lot. And frankly, Emma is kind of crass. For instance, check out this one, for which she writes: They are Crack, and I am but a gluttonous whore.

Or, this modeling photo from her Momma's glory days: She farted right before this picture was taken. It came forth with such fervor, she surprised herself.
Doesn't surprise me. Not one little bit.

Or this clever commentary on our silly friend Eric's drunken behavior:
A fifth of SoCo $20
A Mountain Hardware Sub-Zero Puffy jacket $300
A 2006 Tacoma (outfitted with ipod adaptor and booster seat) $35,000+

Hauling your best-friend home after he blew-chunks off some hot chick's balcony:
Freaking Priceless.

There are some things money can't buy... for everything else, there's blackmail.

Add the captions already!

I'll let you know when she really gets in dialed in. In the meantime, see more everyday at fouroclockphoto.blogspot.com. Or, subscribe to her RSS feed here.


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re: dick you less.

em looks like her mom, I'd say.

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