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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Caribbean Azure vs. Blueberry

Really, I'm trying to be productive.

One can only be expected to do so much though with a permanent (?) cross-country jaunt planned for just over a week away. So, instead of putting together clever-sounding email headlines, I admit it, I put together an Excel spreadsheet comparing Vermont and New York ski season passes. The very detailed document included drive times from Brooklyn, cost per pass, goodies that may come with it and more, and was then sent to Adam, another who made his way to the borough via the snowy Wasatch Mountains and is going through serious ski withdrawal. (He was nice enough to add an extra column to the document: Days needed to break even on pass price. Silly Finance major.)

That was this morning. Fine, I said. After lunch, it's only work! Only work. Compelling copy creation for crazy colleges. Nothing else.

Well, the better part of the afternoon -- thus far, anyway -- has been spent painting fictional walls on benjaminmoore.com, narrowing the color choice down to Caribbean Azure or Blueberry for the new bathroom with the new roomie on the other end of an AIM connection. Then, of course, I had to design my "dream bedroom" on ikea.com. Could this shit be more cliche?


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