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Friday, March 24, 2006

There's more to Buffalo Tom than just that "Soda Jerk" song from My So Called Life

Ah, Buffalo Tom on the iPod. The song: "Sunday Night," from Sleepy Eyed. Such great, melodramatic, 90s alt rock—filled with reverb and warm distorted guitar on the chorus, and (ironically!) soft chorus-pedal guitar for the verse, complete with lyrical gems such as:

All kinds of ugly outside, that's right / and I'm all alone tonight.

And as the streetlights of my prospects dim / she turns in bed and thinks of him.

Friends pushed me far behind / I feel so empty, I could die.

Perfect for suburban teen angst. I first came across this record by checking it out of the Andover Public Library. I bought a used copy a few days later.

You know you're a high school nerd when you travel further to go to a different town's library because it offers CDs and is generally "cooler."


Blogger thatgirlhannah said...

Very interesting that we both blogged about Buffalo Tom this week. Although I didn't actually spell it out so clearly in my Blog. My blog from 3/19 is about the Janovitz brothers (Paul from Cold Water Flat lives up the street from me). Someday when I have your ear I'll tell you all about it.... It is a very crazy story.

12:27 PM


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