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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Goodbye Bloglet, Hello Zookoda

Important: Finding DMo is changing its email subscription service provider

Bloglet officially sucks more than that Aussie dude's vacuum. So, I'm switching things up. From here on out, I'll be using Zookoda. If you'd like to subscribe and get each update delivered to your inbox, you can do so entering your email address in the form box to the right.

Were you a previous subscriber of Finding DMo? If so, and you want to continue receiving updates, you need to re-subscribe using the same form box. Why? Because I don't want to make anyone mad. This way, I know you still really like me. Or, at least like to poke fun at the silly things I type.

Hopefully, this goes smoothly and I never have to bother you with this crapola again.


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